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I am Cory Saunders. I have a strong background in technology and have enjoyed every experience of my career as a programmer and leader. I love working in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). I enjoy exploring and documenting my heritage, solving problems, and actively seek challenges. I love what I do.

Cory Saunders

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My Skills

I always wanted to be an architect.

I have been a programmer and a leader in technology. I have a deep appreciation for data. I rely on accurate data to improve my work and performance level. I am very familiar with many software stacks, patterns, and both back- and front-end development tools and processes. The IT industry has supported me and my family for decades.

Sorry George, but I have always wanted to be an author. I love reading and writing. I have written topic articles, blog posts, technical documents, and stories of my (and others) heritage and personal history. I seek to simplify and fix everything.

A book is in my future, but so is a single digit handicap in golf and a secluded cabin on a mountain lake. Right now, all are dreams.

AI Leader
AI Product Manager
Story Teller

My Services


I am an experienced programmer. I have industry experience in C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, R, and Javascript. I learn new programming languages very quickly and can quickly contribute to existing projects.

Story Teller

I write articles, blog posts, stories, and more on almost any topic. I have examples of technical writing, articles, and blog posts. My writing is captivating and engaging. Contact me if you have a writing job you would like be to consider.

AI Product Manager

I have many years of experience applying innovative and creative solutions. I have worked in various verticals and can quickly acquire any knowledge required to deliver high-quality, on-time results.


I love exploring and documenting my heritage. Telling my story and those of my ancestors is important to me and my family. I provide services to help others perserve their history and create their own stories. Visit Preserve & Share


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