Cory Saunders

When playing with friends as a teenager, my football became stuck high in a tree in my yard. We had a problem and we proceeded to find a solution. We first threw rocks to dislodge the ball. This solution failed. We then searched for and even tried constructing a pole long enough to reach the ball. Again, failure. I then used our only farm tractor to bump the tree lightly. When nothing happened, I increased the force at which a hit the trunk. This solution failed spectacularly. I succeeded in driving the tractor up the tree trunk, nearly tipping it over, which would have resulted in serious injury. No bodily injury resulted, but the tractor was not so lucky. It turned out to be a costly repair. Next, I went into the house, got my shotgun, and shot the football out of the tree. Finally, success. Sort of.

Through that and other experiences in my life and career, I have learned the importance of a precise and well-researched problem statement. I am an enthusiastic, intellectually curious, and outcome-focused technology professional with over 20 years of experience defining, managing, and supporting many stellar products across a diverse set of verticals.


Call tracking and analytics platform providing insights and predictions

Waterford Institute

Research-based online learning resources for elementary education and early learners

Actis, Inc.

On-call physician scheduler for Radiology, Anesthesiology, and Pathology groups

Experience Timeline

Secure cloud-based Telehealth and Telemedicine platform for individual providers and clinics

Meridian Road Media

Automated rotation-based equitable resource scheduling using AI technologies

Auto-soft / Brooks Automation

Manufacture Automation for cleanroom applications